The Name Game ends this week, so vote one last time for your favorite nicknames.

The Name Game Semifinals Recap

This coming week, voting will take place that will forever give one teacher the right to lay claim to the title “Best Nickname.” The...

The Blue Crew and student section came out in full force to support the football team as well as Andy Nguyen.

Varsity Football Cruises By SHC On #SupportAndy Night

SAN JOSE – A lot of good things took place at San Jose City College last night, and I’m not just talking about the four touchdowns that...

Freshman Retreat Video 2014

Freshman Retreat Video 2014

Video credits to Sam Doubek ’15 and the rest of the video team.

From Right- Bryan Heng '15, Hector Guardado '15, Mr. Doyle, Stephen Caban '15, Scott Hamm '15, Mrs. Luscher, and Nate Lyon '16.

Immersion Focus: Appalachia

The poor Appalachia region is famously portrayed in the book The Glass Castle, which writes of a young girl’s horrific experiences with...

The football team's captains walk out for the coin toss before their game against Piedmont Hills. Photo by The Carillon

Varsity Football Steals One, Frosh/JV Shutout Saint Ignatius

SAN FRANCISCO – When Anthony Guttadauro ’15 stayed down on the field following a four yard rush to end the third quarter, the...

Amigos Immersion

Immersion Focus: Amigos

Amigos de las Américas (AMIGOS) is an organization that gives high school and college students the opportunity to immerse themselves Latin...

Students find the time to socialize with their friends and meet girls at mixers. Photo by Warren Poh '16

The Current State of Mixers

The pinnacle of social events for all freshmen in their first year at Bellarmine are the mixers. Nobody quite knows why neon clothing,...

Freshman year started out a little crazy as they were introduced to Bellarmine by being forced to pop balloons through hugs. Photo by Raymond Peck '16

Freshmen Evaluate First Month at Bellarmine

It’s been over a month since the newest batch of freshmen have been delivered to campus and have scurried to their classes, hoping the...

Intramural football is always hotly contested. In the fight for the playoffs, one catch can be the difference between a win and a loss. Photo by Warren Poh '16

Intramural Football: The Unappreciated Sport

They wander around the campus in the disguise of lax bros, jazz flautists, and humanitarians. They project themselves as the stereotypical...

The Freshman have been greeted to Bellarmine in many different ways. Not only have they been forced into eating free food, but they were welcomed to Bellarmine by massaging the shoulders of other kids they had never met before during Freshman Orientation.

New Traditions Emerge for Big Brothers

Back-rubs are not the only way freshmen have been coerced by the prestigious Big Brother program into participating in an entirely new...